marty goldberg business coach

Marty is a Motivating Leader. Creative Strategist. Curious Thinker.


“Marty and the team have shown an ability to engage all levels of the organization to develop and validate insights, and to make the critical translation of those insights into action. Their problem-solving approach and commitment to success has resulted in programs that will have a sustainable impact on the value we create for and derive from our donors.”

Kristian Dart – Heart and Stroke Foundation

Excellent coaching demands more than trust, respect and good listening skills. It requires a unique, multi-disciplined approach to meet clients’ needs. My business background and professional training fuel wise counsel that delivers results.

Business Experience:

My understanding of your business draws upon my own journey of the past 30 years including:

  • Founding and growing a nimble results oriented marketing agency, thinkdo
  • Serving as external Chief Marketing Officer for privately held Canadian businesses intent on growth
  • Helping Not For Profits identify, acquire and retain donors
  • Implementing CRM and Marketing Automation systems to drive better results
  • Consulting to leadership teams on strategy and facilitating team discussions, creativity sessions and off site board meetings
  • Planning and executing sales marketing conferences
  • Serial executive board member of CAPMA – Canadian Agencies Practicing Marketing Activation, Promotion Marketing Association, Toronto Partnership Minyan
  • Strategy lead at OSL Marketing for a range of Agency of Record clients with budgets in excess of $10 Million
  • Managing Director of promotion marketing, retail advertising and creative design at BBDO and GeneratorIdeaworks

Education and Training:

The knowledge I have been privileged to acquire lays the foundation for the valued marketing planning & support I provide:

  • Completing a Schulich Marketing and Entrepreneurship MBA in 3.5 of part-time study
  • Training in Edward de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” for Creative Facilitation
  • Development and application of the 5 stage thinkdonor method with Canadian charities
  • Belief in and facility with the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 approach to Strengths Based Leadership
  • Repeated exposure to and use of a modified version of Level 5′s “Brand Temple” methodology
  • Completion of training modules for Marketo, SalesForce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, WordPress
  • Creation and sharing of my proprietary brand journey planning tools
  • Repeated application of “brand story to detailed editorial calendar” process for leading brands
  • Implementation of time-tested processes and best practices from powerful lessons learned

“Marty is a straight-ahead guy who helped put a mirror to the face of our business. thinkdo gave us recommendations on how to approach and gather insight into building a B2B strategy…best of all we have actioned them to great success.”

Alex Barseghian – Samba Connects

Professional challenges & opportunities that I help my clients with:

  • Creating clear visions and missions for their businesses and their leaders
  • Building brand activation strategies that fuel growth
  • Creating research-based target personas to build inspiring, resonant content
  • Facilitating extended teams to deliver project goals
  • Creating new & actionable solutions

“Marty is always the cool head at the table. He has a great knack of being able to keep everyone focused on the business issue. He plays very nicely with external strategic partners and is always willing to take on his share of the work. He also has a talent for attracting talent.”

Nicholas Austin – FCB