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You’ve arrived!  We suspect you are here to get to know us better. thinkdo is a family of vibrant, smart, curious, creative and genuine people. We provide access to the brightest, most experienced marketing minds by assembling custom “all-star” teams, bent on delivering exceptional results through creative marketing strategy and flawless execution. We feel face-to-face is best but in the meantime, take a look around at our results, the people that help make it happen and the depth and breadth of our experience and services. When you are ready, coffee is on us.


We feature some of our work so you can get an idea of how we can help you. Your project, however, is unique with its own opportunities and challenges. We’d love to hear about it and chat with you about the possibilities.
Contact us and join us for a coffee.



    Sunnybrook Foundation


    Drive revenue from house donors


    A mailing asking house donors to renew their support in 2014. Leveraged artwork created for print publication to maximize return on investment


    Successful adaption. Slightly lower response rates with similar average gift amount

    Ability to adapt creative across multiple platforms with an experienced creative


    VitalAire Canada Inc.
    Develop client relationship to build engagement and loyalty
    A monthly email series differentiating VitalAire’s unique clinical positioning and providing clients relevant content to help them manage their sleep apnea treatment
    Open and click through rates continue to surpass industry standards after 5 months

    All-inclusive agency approach: creative strategy, turnkey editorial, creative templates, writing, coding, testing, deployment and analysis


    Heart & Stroke Foundation
    Create an engaging direct mail package to drive donations among donors who have opted out of receiving premium mailings
    Interactive outer envelope with eye catching creative forced deep engagement with the message
    Positive feedback for all concepts presented from all parties involved. Program tested against control and results for both response rate and average gift were higher than control results

    Strong creative thinking that can work with any budget and develop great communication material


Our Clients



marty goldberg • president and founder
Strategic, Ideator, Activator, Connector, Communicator.

  • Marty brings over 25 years of agency experience in marketing planning, program creation and delivery.
  • Proud parent, loving husband, fair boss, charity board member, sometimes cyclist.

Inspired by:  The Wonder of Nature

416.479.0247 x101 martyg@thinkdo.ca

franca calabro • account supervisor
Focused, Creative, People Person, Make it Happen Kind of Person.

  • Franca brings 15 years of brand marketing experience with expertise in strategic brand planning, relationship building, creative development, and production, budget and timeline management.
  • Dog loving, dancing outdoor enthusiast with a green thumb and joie de vivre!

Inspired by: The Freedom to Choose

416.479.0247 x102 francac@thinkdo.ca

dan mozersky • director, publishing & communications
Visionary, Reflective, Intellectual, Amiable, Driver.

  • Dan brings over 30 years of experience in the publishing business as retailer, consultant, publisher, agent, literary collector and bibliophile.  Connects writers with the publishing industry and its key players so they can get published.

Inspired by: The Achievements of Man

416.601.1300 danm@thinkdo.ca

Our Network

From talented graphic designers and creative programmers to research experts and well-versed copywriters, we have a deep and established network of the brightest, most experienced marketing minds to draw from when forming a team for your project.  Let’s grab a coffee and see who we can pull together for your next project.
thinkdo Network


thinkdo was founded in 2008 by Marty Goldberg to offer experienced marketing thinking and doing. Clients would benefit from value-rich solutions, remarkable creativity and exceptional results.


thinkdo is a full service marketing agency. Whatever your project, you can trust that we will work with you to deliver exceptional results.

wise counsel
marketing consulting 
delivering actionable plans

honest broker
connecting strategic partners 
champion for your brand or cause

flawless execution
bringing your plan to action
thorough and persistent work


We want to meet you and hear about your opportunities and challenges.
Drop by for a visit, give us a call or send us an email. Coffee is on us.

visit : 68 Laurelcrest Ave, Toronto, ON M3H 2A9 (Map)
call : 416.479.0247 x1
email : martyg@thinkdo.ca

or message us: